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The history of the Joint-stock Company "ROSTOK" numbers several working decades. More than seventy years ago on the basis of the Kiev Energy Institute were found the radio shops, in time they have grown in to the powerful enterprise "Tochelektropribor", which was awarded with an order of a Working Red Standard for the achievements in work.

The plant "Tochelektropribor" is known in all republics of the former Soviet Union and in many countries of the world by its precise digital and analogue devices of the alternating current, systems for magnetic measurements, equipment for different measuring laboratories.

Also here were developed and produced controls systems of industrial and technological processes, computer-measuring complexes for automation of complicated scientific researches and a lot of other scientifically capacious production.

In December 1993 on the basis of the Kiev plant "Tochelektropribor" were found JSC "ROSTOK" . The general director of the "Tochelektropribor" Igor Masol became the president of the Joint-stock Company.

Today JSC "ROSTOK" is a powerful research-and-production complex consisting of a Special Design Bureau, the advanced industrial base with its own metrology and technical control services and includes 20 enterprises .

The Company has the qualified staff, scientific staff, modern equipment, advanced technological processes and sufficient industrial areas everything required for mastering and making modern technologies, and for creation a new kinds of production from the complicated electric domestic appliances for kitchen up to the precise measuring devices for the accounting the consumption of the electric power.

"ROSTOK" also is a large international Company, which is engaged in science groundwork and introduction of new technologies in the sphere of production and realization of an electric equipment. The "ROSTOK" Company produces and offers for realization:

  • The full range of single and three phase meters of electric power;
  • Automobile electric equipment;
  • Electromechanical domestic appliances;
  • DVD players, home cinemas.

ROSTOK Company has a lot of awards and certificates of quality of production.

Taking into account long-term experience of producing the electromechanical production, the foreign enterprises are interested in cooperation with the "ROSTOK" Company with the purpose to create highly technological production, in particular, electronic meters of the electric power with term of control not less than 16 years.

For today the "ROSTOK" Company has developed the electronic single-phase meter of the electric power, which corresponds to all requirements of the world standards. Up to the end of year 2003 is prepared the base for start producing of the electric three-phase meter.

ROSTOK Company consistently carries out policy of initiation of industrial and trade connections in the different countries, closely cooperates with the enterprises of various industries, with scientific establishments, commercial structures, dynamically traces world novelties and introduces them in its products, trying thus to increase quality of production, and also to work at one level with leading western producers.

Now JSC "ROSTOK" initiates production and realization of electric meters in Turkey, Egypt and Uzbekistan, thus introducing Know-how and technologies on the world market.

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