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Meters of electric power:

Single-phase meter:
    Series COE-5020
    Series COE-5020K
    Series COE-5020H,M and HM
    Series -5028,,,, and etc
    Series -5032,H,,, and etc
    Series COE-5033,H,M and HM
    Series COE-5000

Three-phase meters:
    Series CA4-5001
    Series CA4-5002
    Series CA4E-5030
    Series CA4E-5031

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The meter of electric energy single-phase induction CO - 5000 is used for measurement of active electric energy in single-phase circuits of an alternating current by frequency of 50 Hz.

The meter corresponds to the requirements of the state standard GOST 6 570-96 and of the international standards -521.

Rated voltage220 V
Rated current10 A
Range of working currents from0,5 up to 40 A
Class of accuracy of meters2,0
Complete capacity consumed by a circuit at rated current, no more0,3.
Complete capacity consumed by a circuitvoltage, no more1,3Bt; 5,0.
Range of temperature conditions, from a minus 30 up to plus 55
Overall dimensions, no more217129118 mm
Weight1,6 kg
Warranty period of operation24 month
Average service life not less30 years
Term of control of the meters16 years

The meters can be used both for direct measurement of amount of the electric power, and as initial gauges for the automated systems of the account of the electric power.

The meters have strengthened protection against the non-authorized external influences: magnetic fields, mechanical influences, from larceny of the electric power. In the meter is used the stopper of reverse motion, or the reversive accounting device.

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