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Meters of electric power:

Single-phase meter:
    Series COE-5020
    Series COE-5020K
    Series COE-5020H,M and HM
    Series -5028,,,, and etc
    Series -5032,H,,, and etc
    Series COE-5033,H,M and HM
    Series COE-5000

Three-phase meters:
    Series CA4-5001
    Series CA4-5002
    Series CA4E-5030
    Series CA4E-5031

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The meter corresponds to the requirements of state standard GOST 30207-94 and of international standards -61036 and is brought in GOST register under Y1519-01.

The meter has electromechanical accounting mechanism device and are applied for the accounting of the electric power in single-phase circuits of the alternating current of industrial frequency.

Class of accuracy2,0
In performance -5020 is possible
delivery of meters of a class of accuracy
Rated voltage220 V
Rated current5 A
Range of working currentsfrom 0,25 up to 50 A
The sensitivity, is not worse25 m
Complete capacity consumed by a circuit at
rated current, no more
1 ·
Complete capacity consumed by a circuit
voltage, no more
2,0 ·
Term of control of the meter16 years
Range of temperature conditions, from a minus 25 up to plus 55
Average service life not less30 years
Warranty period of operation18 month.
(Under the separate contract)36 month.
Weight1,4 kg
Overall dimensions, no more190132110 mm

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