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Electric equipment for automobiles:

    Motor-reducer P505-10
    Motor-reducer P513-10
    Motor-reducer with bracket P528
    The electric motor P512-10
    The electric motor P519
    The electric pump P549
    The electric glass lifts P527

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The electric glass lifts P527 are applied for glasses rising and lowering of VAZ: 2110, 2111, and 2112 automobiles.

2110-6104 008 40/527-01forward door right;
2110-6104 009 40/527-02forward door left;
2110-6104 009 40/527-03back door right;
2110-6104 009 40/527-04back door left;
Rated voltage of the power supplies12 V
Nominal effort on a plate(1172)
Time of moving of a plate from one extreme rule in another at nominal voltage and effortfrom 2 up to 6s
Consumed current, no more8
Range of temperature conditionsfrom - 40 up to + 45
Weight2,2 kg

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