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Company "Admetas"

Is one of the leading building companies in Ukraine.
The basic forms of activity:
  • Installation of modern facade systems;
  • Production of aluminium constructions of various configurations;
  • Production of wooden - aluminium constructions: doors, windows;
  • Facing of buildings on the basis of aluminium cross sections: by a granite, a marble, a stone, a false stone, sheet aluminium (REYNOBOND);
  • Production of glass packs from transparent, tone, mirror, bullet-proof and other kinds of glasses; bent glass packs.
Contact phone: (044) 490 77 20, (044) 490 77 21
Fax: (044) 408 75 67

French Dentistrycentre

Treatment, surgery, parodontics, podiatry; International level of service, free consultations; Materials and equipment of leading European producers; The Best dentures laboratory in Ukraine; Ukrainian and French specialists.

The address: Ukraine, 03067, Kiev, BoulevardLepse, 4
Contact a phone / fax: (044) 457 85 69, (044) 457 85 70

Group of the companies " Rostok CD Group"

"Rostok - CD Group" includes:
  • company "Rostok - Records"
  • private enterprise "Rostok - CD"
  • company " RCD - Card ", etc.

The address: Ukraine, 03067, Kiev boulevard. I. Lepse, 4
Contact a phone: (044) 496 19 55, (044) 496 19 53

Kiev enterprise "Rostok - Elecom"

Created in 1992 on the basis of the microprocessor techniques department of special design studio of the Kiev production association "Tochelectropribor" (now joint-stock company "Rostok").
The enterprise specialises on the development and production of the special equipment on the basis of microprocessor techniques with original software.
Kiev enterprise Rostok - Elecom" represents: Geo-informational technologies on the service of road traffic security. The integrated hardware-software complex of road traffic management.

Contact a phone / fax: (044) 496 18 10, (044) 496 18 11

The Shop "Rostok"

The basic forms of activity of the shop "Rostok" are selling the home - produced goods by wholesale and to retail, studying of purchase requirements of the electrical goods and CD market, advertising of the best samples of the Ukrainian goods. Chain shop Rostoc also offers compact discs by wholesale and to retail.

Contact phone / fax: (044) 408 72 66

"Rostok - SPARKS"

"Rostok - Sparks" produces: Programmable controllers - universal control systems for the various equipment - from small semi - automatic machine tools up to automatic transfer lines and workshops, and also construction of various data and record systems (consumption of energy supply, etc.).
"Rostok - SPARKS" performs:
  • design, assembling, balancing and commissioning works on introduction of control and record systems;
  • guarantee and after guarantee service of the produced production;
  • training of consumers how to use and exploit the produced products;
  • development andproducing means of automation on the consumers request.
The address: 03067, Ukraine, Kiev, boulevard I. Lepse, 4
For letters: 03067, Kiev - 67, P.O. 810
Contact a phone / fax: (044) 496 19 00, (044) 496 19 02

Joint-stock company " the Trade House "Rostok"

The joint-stock company "the Trade House "Rostok" was formed in 1995 with the purpose to increase selling volumes of "Rostok" company productions, to search new markets and improve quality of clients attending. We have optimal discount systems; among our clients are the largest building companies and shops of Ukraine. Our managers in shortest terms will find the answers to any of your questions.

/: (044) 408 10 11, (044) 408 01 97

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