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  Production of JSC "Rostok":
     Meters of electric power
     Automobile electric equipment
     Domestic appliances for kitchen
     DVD players
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We are always glad and open to cooperation. The list of ourpartners:

  • "Stino", Switzerland. Lugano
  • "The Moscow metal factory" a Serp and Molot ", Moscow
  • "Steel factory", S. Petersburg
  • "Electometal factory "Dneprospeststal" , Zaporozhye
  • "The Trade house "Metizy", Zaporozhye
  • "Moskabelmet" , Moscow
  • "Vtortech" , Kiev
  • "Zaporozhkabelservis" , Zaporozhye
  • "Katex-Invest" , Kiev
  • "Stupinskayathe metallurgical company", Stupino, Moscow area
  • "Karbolit" Orehovo - Zuevo, Moscow area
  • "The Trade house" ", Kemerovo
  • "Zhileskiy factory of plastic", Moscow area
  • "Electrokontakt",Kineshma, Ivanovskaya area
  • "Magnit", Novocherkassk, Rostov area
  • "Autopribor-sbit" , Kaluga
  • "ZPON" , Samara
  • "A Factory of instrument bearings", Samara
  • NPF "Ferrokeram" Belaya Stserkov, Kiev area
  • "Resistor". Arzamas, Nizhniy Novgorod area
  • "Pribor", usa, Chelyabinsk area
  • "The Pskov factory "Pleskava". Pskov
  • "Logistik trans" , Kiev
  • Alex Digital Technology inc. USA

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